GRaB Candles for FXCM Tradingstation

Download GRaB Candles for FXCM.

Download Matts full template, layout, and indicators for FXCM here (includes GRaB Candles).

Visit Raghee Horner’s site to download the candles for MT4, Trade Station, and Think or Swim.

Buy Blue Sell Red for – Here

2-23-2015 8-42-09 AMIf you’d like to use the blue and red candles, as seen on my charts, use the following custom script on Credit goes to Raghee Horner for the original Wave and GRaB candles.

Paste the following into the Script Editor at, and apply to chart.

study(title='Buy Blue Sell Red', shorttitle='BBSR', overlay=true)
// vars
emaPeriod = input(title="EMA Period", type=integer, defval=34)
showWave = input(title="Show Wave", type=bool, defval=false)

// build wave
emaHigh = ema(high,emaPeriod)
emaLow = ema(low,emaPeriod)
emaClose = ema(close,emaPeriod)
waveHigh = showWave == true ? emaHigh : na
waveLow = showWave == true ? emaLow : na
waveClose = showWave == true ? emaClose : na
plot(waveHigh, title="EMA High",color=red )
plot(waveLow, title="EMA Low", color=blue)
plot(waveClose, title="EMA Close", color=silver)

// paint candles according to close position relative to wave
barcolor(close < emaLow ? close > open ? red : maroon : close > emaHigh ? close > open ? blue : navy : close > open ? silver : gray)


4 thoughts on “Stuff

  1. Darren

    Do you know anyone that has the NinjaScript for the GRaB Candles & 34EMA Wave for Ninja platform, Im having a tough time finding, I have looked everywhere ?

    Thank you,


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