The Pond Theory

A fantastic post Mr. Campbell. There’s some high level Pip-Fu in here. Indie-fish unite (for margaritas and music)!


I’ve been reading this book by Malcolm Gladwell titled David and Goliath…. The book attempts to bring to light the perceptions of advantages and disadvantages and how being the under dog may actually be the best starting position in any competition or pursuit.

The most interesting part of the book to me was chapter 3 which discussed in depth the theory of small fish:big pond vs. big fish:small pond. More specifically, was there an advantage to either and the example the book laid out was college selection. Was it better for a science major with above average test scores to to enter an Ivy league school, the little fish big pond, or take those same test scores and enter a “lesser” school but in doing so be the big fish in a smaller pond.

So which is better?

It’s best to weigh all of our options before I decide so…

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